Customer Service

According to the provisions of the law of the people’s Republic of China on the protection of consumers’ rights and interests or the agreement with consumers, all products purchased by Huayi space shall enjoy three guarantees (repair, return and exchange guaranteed) services with invoices within the validity period                                      

•Within one year from the date of purchase and delivery, if any quality problem is found due to manufacturing process or materials, you can enjoy free maintenance service at the original purchase dealer or monopoly point

•Huayi space sincerely implements the quality assurance and maintenance period of 3 years for the sofa inner frame structure used by customers; the quality assurance period of wood hair and life bug is 2 years; the quality assurance period of electroplating, paint spraying and baking paint is 1 year; the quality assurance period of leather cloth and other covering materials is 1 year (Note: leather, plastic parts, electroplating, paint, baking paint and other natural, fade and aging are not allowed Quality assurance)

Routine maintenance methods

1. The furniture shall be placed on the flat ground, and the pad shall be placed on the bottom of the foot to prevent the floor from being damaged when moving.

2. The furniture should be placed 5-10cm away from the wall to prevent the sofa and the wall from squeezing and friction, resulting in damage.

3. Before use, wipe the dust on the surface of the sofa with a clean soft cloth and keep it clean frequently.                               

4. When the new furniture is sent to your home, please always keep good ventilation conditions in the room, which will help the sofa smell quickly. If it is not used immediately, please unpack and place it in a dry and ventilated environment to prevent mildew.  

5. Avoid contact surface with sharp angle or cutting tools to avoid scratching the fabric.

6. Please keep your pet under control to prevent damage caused by PET grasping sofa.

7. Avoid corrosive chemical liquid stains or poor detergent contact with the surface, resulting in discoloration, aging, cracking and other damage to the leather surface.

8. Please don’t sit on the backrest or armrest of the sofa when using, strong extrusion will damage the frame.

9. When moving the sofa, please do not hold the cushion, soft armrest, soft backrest, etc. too much effort will break the seam, or scratch your floor due to pushing and pulling the sofa. Should support the sofa base, lift it flat and handle it gently, be careful not to collide.

10. To help maintain the color of the sofa and prevent the leather from hardening and cracking, please place your sofa at least 40cm away from the heating or other heat sources (air-conditioning sources) and avoid direct sunlight, so as to avoid local fading or pan color.

11. If you find that there are scattered threads on the sofa, you can’t pull them by hand, please use scissors to flatten them.

12. Please don’t put the newspaper on the sofa. The mimeograph on the newspaper will be printed on the cover of the sofa, making the sofa dirty and hard to clean.


1. If you are buying leather sofa, please pay attention to the following instructions: leather has strong absorption, so you should pay attention to antifouling, and avoid wearing dry stains and stains directly into the seat.

2. Regularly dust the sofa with a clean and dry white cotton soft cloth or feather duster.

3. Method to remove the dry stains: use a soft brush to gently brush or use a vacuum cleaner to gently clean.

4. Remove the stains of soft drinks, coffee, tea and milk: wipe off the residual stains on the surface with a cloth or absorbent paper. After soaking a clean soft cloth in a solution of neutral soap and water, gently wipe it from the outer edge of the stain to the inside. Do not immerse the leather in water. Immediately dry it with a clean cloth after wetting. Do not dry the leather in the sun or with a blower. (use only water and neutral soap)

5. Remove oil-based items, oil, tomato sauce, egg and chocolate stains: use absorbent paper to wipe off the residual stains on the surface gently. Do not press down hard to avoid pressing the stains into the pores of leather. After soaking a clean soft cloth in the solution of neutral soap and water, gently wipe it from the outer edge to the inner edge of the stains. Do not immerse the leather in water. Use it immediately after wetting Dry it with a clean cloth. Do not dry leather in the sun or with a blower. (use only water and neutral soap)

6. Cleaning of sanded leather: the cleaning of this kind of leather can be carried out according to the same steps of natural leather (see above). After cleaning and drying the leather, you can use a very fine sanding paper to gently wipe the leather to create the sanding effect.

Note: use of non recommended detergent will cause irreparable damage to leather, please follow the maintenance method.

The following conditions do not apply to this warranty:

• Products beyond the warranty period

• Products damaged by natural disasters or other irresistible factors

•  abnormal quality caused by storage and use of sofa products in high temperature, humidity, strong ultraviolet radiation and other harsh environments

•​ Differences caused by slightly different color, texture and texture of natural leather

•  abnormal products such as discoloration, wear and deformation caused by poor nursing or improper use, storage and transportation, such as abnormal indoor environment, etc