Please be like water! My friend,

Empty your mind, invisible like water you pour water into a water cup, water is the shape of a water cup you pour water into a bottle, water is the shape of a bottle you pour water into a teapot, water is the shape of a teapot you see, water will flow, it will hit

The impossibility is the law, and the finite is the infinite

Be Water.

This idea coincides with the product philosophy of huayi space’s pursuit of perfection

无形 无界 无境

Be Water.

Water, like intuition, no shape, unable to grasp, no style, has enough power to change the world without borders, not be defined to contain infinite possibility because of tolerance and strong, is the product space of philosophy in huayi huayi space metaphor in the design of the sense of beauty is a simple and powerful implicit expression is elegant quiet reservation senior beauty, because the real classic, not a look around



Be Water.

Hidden, really depends on the inner calm, and calm, from behind everything is in the grasp of confidence inside collect is inclusive wisdom always not make public, not when you up, not in prosperity and decoration, while a low suck up the calm, to contain the countless possible, turneth the edge of the inside collect, deposited a fortitude and soft cultural power

All the original road will be long,

but not the time

There is no shortcut to the original road, in the face of the unknown, after all, some people take the first step to natural fearless, exploring the future of this era in the way of discovering the unknown, we have never stopped the space of meaning, heart to no place